Michael-Shaun Conaway

Generative Futurist & Storyteller

As a groundbreaking pioneer in Generative Futurism over the past twenty years Michael Shaun is the founder of Generative Futures Initiative, an award winning film director, frequent speaker and renowned iconoclast.

Alex Melnyk

Joyologist & Storyteller

Alex has been a leader in conscious filmmaking for twenty years. She is a champion of ideas and stories that can up-level our world and have us awaken to joy.

Doug Fisher

Self-education Visionary & Generative Futurist

For over 25 years Doug has partnered with and developed leaders worldwide in realizing new futures for their organizations and fulfilling what’s most important.

BOLD Faculty

Rachel Morrison

Global Partnerships and Host

Renowned solutionist and global health activist, Rachel is dedicated to bringing humanity back into balance, seeking new solutions for thriving individuals and communities.

Suzanne Frindt

Community Led Development Visionary

Suzanne’s work sits at the intersection of executive leadership development and grassroots community led development. Fearless, she coaxes the future into existence.

Tom Chi

Lab Director for Planet Earth

Tom is a venture catalyst and founder of At One Ventures. At One invests in projects that move humanity to being a net positive to the planet.

Alison Tate

Bold Economist

Director of Economic and Social Policy, International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC),
representing 207 million workers in 165 countries.

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Bold Philosopher

Daniel is a person who spends a lot of time examining global catastrophic risks. He explores possible systems upgrades in light of the risks.

Jules Schroeder

Life Design Coach and Musician

A world-renowned entrepreneur, Jules is a musician and visionary on a mission to inspire people to create a life by their own design.

Daniela Plattner

Experience Designer

As a strategic facilitator, experience designer, and community architect, Daniela guides leaders and teams to ideate, collaborate and innovate.

Pablo Jenkins

Generative Futurist and Investor

Pioneer in new investment models for regenerative projects in emerging markets. Actively engaged in key global forums on innovation and purpose driven co-creation.

Adriana Ruiz Marchini

Innovation Visionary

Adriana is a pioneer in developing innovation lab designs that give rise to trustworthy systems based upon archetypes.