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Start Thriving NOW

BOLD.LY NOW is a movement of co-creative, peer-to-peer, up-levelers who have a burning desire to step free of our collapsing world and take the most daring and audacious leap forward for humankind ever imagined.

Are you ready to disrupt our current, out-of-date and failing systems?


Emerging From the Chaos

At all levels, our society has proven so fragile that something as small as a virus has brought us to our knees. Our current forms of governance and economics are vastly inadequate compared to threats that we are facing. From climate change, to weaponized AI, to genetic hacking, human extinction is a real risk.

Will you be part of the solution?


The world needs YOU, and YOU and YOU.

Realizing a thriving future for humanity requires the dedication and action of a critical mass of people. Consider that each of us has a unique purpose and unique gifts. The world needs YOUR gifts, YOUR action, YOUR BOLDNESS. It’s time to unleash your natural desire to fulfill your purpose and serve humanity.

Are you ready to act BOLD.LY NOW?


I’m an ALL IN YES!

What do I do next?

Whether you just have a spark of desire with no idea what to do, or you are already at work inside of a project that is bringing about a new world, BOLD.LY NOW is a resource for you.

Ignite your passion

Clarify your bold gifts and what is important to you

Imagine a bold future

One that serves a thriving humanity and fulfills your passion

Formulate your initiative

Identify bold goals to bring about the new future

Find your people

Partner with like-minded adventurers and access resources

Be supported

Build your capability and deal with the inevitable setbacks that happen

Live a Thriving Life

Give your gifts and live a fulfilled and thriving life