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This is a Pathway to Coming


An online membership for people who want to integrate bold changes in their life, their community, and in the world.

Boldly YOU is a membership platform that gives you the tools, practices, and wisdom you need to illuminate your path, create a fulfilling life and shape a future that will also benefit everyone… and all of life itself.

Using an evidence-based approach to personal development, breathwork and envisioning — our step-by-step courses, deep meditations and digital experiences are drawn from neuroscience, western philosophy, eastern spirituality, and ancient principles that have stood the test of time.


1. Make Decisions With Purpose, Clarity & Conviction

Develop a sense of inner stillness that lets you access your intrinsic wisdom effortlessly, anytime — so you can clarify your burning desire, confidently develop your bold vision, and take step-by-step, intentional action to realize that envisioned future for yourself.

2. Experience Constant Fulfillment In Every Area Of Your Life

Imagine deep, perceivable change that ripples across all areas of your life. Experience each day with appreciation and satisfaction. Watch your relationships flourish while you cultivate your calling. Illuminate your inner world and observe the changes as they ripple across to your external surroundings. Embrace challenges with an unwavering sense of purpose.

3. Create The Transformation You Are Here To Do In This Life

We believe that there’s a greater purpose for humanity, where each and everyone of us has an essential part to play. Our programs are not only intended for personal gain; they also empower you to harness your gifts, envision success at the collective level and take actions that are in alignment and integrity with your values.


Boldly YOU is made for people who seek to redefine the meaning of success and fulfillment and be part of something greater than themselves.

It is designed for those who want to use their self-discovery to emerge above the chaos, liberate their own greatness and lead a life of joy, compassion and contribution.

We want to help you simultaneously answer two of the hardest questions facing the conscious human today: “How can I make the most difference?” and more importantly, “Who exactly do I have to become to make that happen?”

And instead of focusing on “fixing things” with linear solutions, our membership gives you the space to access your innate wisdom, integrate deep foundational changes in your life, and generate your biggest,
boldest desires.

In the words of author and philosopher Howard Thurman – “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”




Initiate Your Journey With The Best Areas For Thriving Now

As a Boldly member, your journey begins with a personalized assessment, which utilizes our patented Sentiment Engine to identify your best areas for reflection, imagination, and action in the 12 Key Foundations of a Thriving Life.

This assessment also allows you to track your progress along your journey.

Activate Deep Transformation With The 3 Foundations of Change

Our Sentiment Engine will also direct you to the right groundwork and meditations to help you cut through the noise and tap into your own wisdom — starting with your physical wellbeing, your emotions, and finally, your mind.

The Brain

Shift beyond stress responses, reactive states or “doomsday thinking” by elevating your mental patterns to create conscious attention and develop your capacity for deep contemplation — so you can make clarified decisions, move with intention, and bring more meaning to your life.

The Breath

Stop letting overwhelm or anxiety discombobulate you and disconnect you from your intention. Bring thought and feeling into union and action. Connecting to your body and the present moment — so you can shift your energy, soothe your nervous system and accelerate your transformation.

The Heart

Release harmful patterns of distrust, guardedness, and defensiveness by expanding your capacity to love, be loved and become love — so you can achieve heart coherence and connect deeply to yourself, your loved ones and your community.

Generate Your Future With Deliberate Action

Our integration courses apply a method called Generative Futurism — a backcasting approach that teaches you to envision your desirable future with clarity, identify the concrete steps to connect it back to your present life, and then move forward to effectively generate that future.

Rather than constantly engaging in analysis and prediction, we always begin with reflection and imagination.

This allows you to actualize what feels audacious or “unrealistic” in your current circumstances, envision a future that has yet to unfold, and explore boundless possibilities for change — a method that echoes the brilliance of the greatest visionaries in history.

An Evidence-Based Approach To Personal Evolution

All of the teachings and practices featured in our meditations, programs, courses, and experiences are drawn from Western Philosophy, Eastern Disciplines and Neuroscience — including:

Epistemology, Phenomenology, Neuroscience of the human default network, the existence of time and its many impacts on being, the psychology of happiness, Vedantic Hinduism, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism.

Click here to view our list of resources.



Created By A Team Of Generative Futurists

Boldly is built on the belief that each and every one of us has an essential role to play in the larger story of humanity.

Since 2015, we’ve connected with over 150 innovative leaders, visionaries, scientists, artists, activists, authors, and speakers that have dedicated their groundbreaking work to creating a more thriving world for everyone.

The experience was deeply transformational, instilling within us a new mission to help people liberate their own greatness and lead a life of joy, compassion and contribution through the power of collaboration.

This vision was made even more important when the pandemic dealt everyone the twin blows of separation and isolation, followed by continuous global conflict and the speed of technology threatening to disrupt our livelihood.

Despite the unprecedented challenge, we saw an unprecedented opportunity for new solutions and systemic change. Hence Boldly:

A platform that makes living your purpose and creating meaningful success as the keys towards creating a thriving future for humanity — one that will reverberate into the universe.

Our mission is to rally a global community of compassionate leaders, change agents, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs that are using their gifts to actively generate a world where everyone can thrive, and no one or nothing gets left out.

5% of all profits will be dedicated to the Generative Futures Initiative

We’ve pledged to donate a portion of our profits to The Generative Futures Initiative, a non-profit program that teaches young leaders to envision, act on, and bring about a thriving future for humanity.

How To Become A Boldly YOU Member

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Unlike many personal development methods that focus on short term goals, small behavioral changes, or even looking to an external power to magnetize the results to you — applies Generative Futurism, a proven approach that uses future orientation and deliberate action to drive you forward.

Our method allows you to tap into your own wisdom to develop your big desire, envision your bold future with clarity, and set a powerful course of action to cast that future back to your present life… so you can commit to realizing it yourself.

This is the same system that we’ve applied to help dozens of purpose-driven leaders, educators and organizations create massive impact for themselves, their team, as well as their global communities.

We believe that by living our purpose and doing what we love, we can not only advance our own personal evolution, but also the evolution of us all, and create a better future for ourselves, the world, and generations to come.

Our unique Sentiment Engine is designed to tune into your life path and direct you to the right courses, meditations and experiences to help you evolve in the 12 key areas of a thriving life:

Calling & Career, Body & Fitness, Mental & Emotional Wellbeing, Joy & Gratitude, Relationships & Connection, Romance & Intimacy, Financial Health, Community Life, Spiritual Essence, Evolution & Growth, Legacy & Contribution, and Life Vision.

Boldly NOW is currently available in English and Spanish.

Both our Annual and 6-Month membership plans come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Cancel within the first month (30 days) and we’ll return your payment and remove your access to the app and platform.


Available on mobile and desktop. In English and Spanish.

Pay every 6 months
(Only $21.66 a month)
Pay for the year in advance & save $70
(Only $16.42 a month)

For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.