Michael-Shaun Conaway

Generative Futurist & Storyteller


Michael Shaun is the founder of the Generative Futures Initiative. His personal mission is to empower and accelerate redesign of our failing systems to create an anti-fragile, anti-rival world, one that works for all. Michael Shaun’s work has been focused on the culture shifts we need to generate a benevolent sustainable future. He is a frequent speaker on generative Futurism and transgenerationalism.
He is also an award winning film director and CEO of Storyworks Films. His most recent film WeRiseUP is a documentary about who we need to be to have a thriving future.. Michael Shaun has spent the past twenty years exploring how Generative Futurism and storytelling can shape the future. Michael Shaun is the founder of the GFI, Bold.ly Now – a movement to build a thriving future now. He is also a producer and director of The Futurists – a ten part documentary series, generating a vivid vision of a 100 year future for humanity and our planet home.