Do This 1 Thing to Change the Future

Have you ever noticed in movies about time travel, that a single small thing changed in the past has the ripple effect that radically changes everything? Like your parents don’t meet and then not only are you gone but somehow that causes WWIII. There are so many things that were we to go back and...
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The 1 Item All Great Things Have In Common

Looking at the news makes it SO EASY to want to pull the covers over our heads.  There’s so much happening these days that can be discouraging. Plus, with the plethora of fake news floating around, it’s hard to find the hard facts.  It’s not unusual to have our passion swept away, while we sit...
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Have a Great Life, Make a Great Difference

Here’s what’s kept us up late at night for the last decade (no lie!):– How do you change the world and have a great life at the same time?  I mean don’t you have a choice?  Do good and be poor, but happy you are making a difference.  OR, Plug into the machine and make...
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Causing Collaboration at Scale with Suzanne Frindt

Burning Desire. Big Ideas. Bold Action Suzanna Frindt is no stranger to these concepts. Through her work as the former CEO of the Hunger Project and as a global leader in developing leadership with an expertise in community led development, she has been on the leading edge of cultivating a sense of self-resilience and dignity...
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Imagination Beyond the Constraint of the Past

To generate a future for a thriving humanity will take a critical mass of us imagining realities that stretch far beyond what we know from the past.  So, how do we go about that? Let’s start with an understanding of the past and the future.  It may seem obvious that both the past and the...
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Doughnut Economics for A Thriving Future

For decades growth has been a central tenet of our economic theory and systems.  Yet this growth has led to exceeding ecological limits, with increasing climate change and extinction of species.  We also have many of us slipping below fundamental social foundations in areas like health, education, gender equality and many others. In her TED...
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