Timeline Generator – Exploring Timelines to Create Your Future, by Michael Shaun Conaway


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The first step in creating futures is to imagine them vividly. Maybe you want to find a love relationship, or a new job, or perhaps you want a better relationship with your family, all of these are great desires but to turn them into reality, discovering what that desire would really look like, really feel like, in two year…in ten years, sets into motion reality creating actions that reliably bring those desires to life. This meditation takes you into the future so you can actually see and feel your desired destination.

Timeline Generator– Powerfully generate vivid visions of new futures.

Listen to a sample of this meditation series in the description below.

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Timeline Generator – Creating A Future is a Foundational Meditation Practice. These practices are tools to help you create your thriving future.

Timeline Generator Meditation: – This is a daily practice to help you envision, imagine and bring to life any future you desire. (10:47)

SAMPLE: Timeline Generator – Creating A Future

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