Time Traveler – Creating Change Aligning the Past and Future, by Michael Shaun Conaway


In this series of daily practices rewire you brain and put it work on realizing your desirable future. When used daily for 7-10 days you can vastly expand and deepen your vision for a desirable future. Holonic practices, containing past, present and future change who you are for yourself and for the world. You will realize your desirable future.

The Holonic Field – Synchronize past, present and future to change your life.
Time Dreamer – This sleep time meditation downloads new futures in your sleep.

Listen to a sample of this meditation series in the description below.

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Time Traveler is a Foundational Meditation Practice. These practices are tools to help you create your thriving future.

Series Meditations Include:
1. The Holonic Field (xx:xx)
2. Time Dreamer (x:xx)

SAMPLE: The Holonic Field

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