Flowstate Connector: Discovering Flow, Past, Present & Future, by Michael Shaun Conaway


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In order to change, to evolve and flourish we need a foundation of flow. This meditation is essential in connecting you to your flow state and the flowing state of the universe. Drop in, tune in and flow on.

Flowing Time – Merge with the flow of time and emerge in a deeply connected flow state.
Flow Dreamer – Descend into sleep resting in your flow.  Awake revitalized and ready for your future.

Listen to a sample of this meditation series in the description below.

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This guided meditation is designed to connect you with your inner flowstate.  As you close your eyes and allow yourself to sink into the meditation, you will imagine yourself floating on the river of time. With each breath, you will feel yourself becoming more relaxed and more in tune with the flow of time, allowing you to let go of any worries or stress and fully embrace the present moment. You will allow yourself to be carried along by the current of the river, feeling its gentle and steady flow, as you drift towards a sense of peace and harmony.

By the end of the meditation, you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to the flow of time. This connection will unleash the power of flow and give you the ability to realize new futures, unlocking your full potential and creativity.

SAMPLE: Flow State Connector

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