Being Free: A Journey from Belonging to Wellbeing, by Michael Shaun Conaway


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The foundation of flourishing is freedom from worry, fear, scarcity. In this series of meditations, Michael Shaun Conaway – The Generative Futurist takes you on an inward journey of unwinding the conditions of your suffering. The three meditations work together to help you build a new foundation of flourishing. Come into a field of profound healing with these three meditations.

Tranquility Base – Make peace with your stress, worry and fear, settle into a relaxed state of all is well.
Eternal Belonging – What would be it be like to set aside your mask and be loved, acknowledged and validated for all that you are.
Flourishing Dreamer – This night time meditation connects you to your well being so you are able to find deep, relaxed and restful sleep. 

Listen to a sample of this meditation series in the description below.

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Being Free is a Foundational Meditation Practice. These practices are tools to help you create your thriving future.

Being Free Series Meditations Include:
1. Tranquility Bass (15:17)
2. Eternal Belonging (14:12)
3. Flourishing Dreamer (9:43)

SAMPLE: Eternal Belonging

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