Samantha Sweetwater

Soulucent Coach, Ceremonial Guide


Samantha is a civilizational designer, plant medicine guide, spiritual executive coach and writer. Words oft applied to her: freedom warrior, goddess, systems theorist, shaman, dancer, healer, lioness. Her unique expertise: She have never been able to be or create anything other than the authentic impulse of her soul. Because of this, she has developed a unique ability to support people like you in the courageous re-alignment of your relationships, career and leadership with your soul. No other path will lead you home.

For over 30 years, Samantha has pioneered Embodied Awakening through the creation of soul-centric businesses, art and evolutionary culture. As the founder of Dancing Freedom & PeaceBody Japan, she built a global movement touching tens of thousands of lives and training hundreds of facilitators on five continents. Samantha has presented at Esalen, SAND, Bioneers, Lightning in a Bottle, The Economics of Peace Conference and more.

She is the creator of Soulucent™ coaching because she know’s that soul is the key to living wholeness. There is no personal path to satisfaction, success or meaning separate from the soul’s intelligence.

Samantha see’s you as innately WHOLE and FREE, holding space for your radiance to rise, for release of personal, familial and collective trauma and dis-ease, for your true voice to be known, and for the manifestation of your greatest gifts in the world.

Our work together is sacred. The path of your soul is infinitely valuable.

She invites you to join her in living and loving(!) your life in service to All of Life.