Oren Harris

Transformational Coach, a Spiritual Teacher, and a Pioneer on the Leading Edge of Human Consciousness.


It’s difficult, if not impossible, to put a finger on exactly who Oren Harris is.

Oren is a real life demonstration of the saying, “be in the world, but not of it,” and he is capable of showing up in a vast number of ways to best serve those he is inspired to work with.

Oren is a transformational coach, a spiritual teacher, and a pioneer on the leading edge of human consciousness. His primary mission in life is creating Heaven on Earth, a place where people wake up to their true selves and live a limitless life of contribution and fulfillment.

Oren is one of the worlds leading experts on “flow,” the highly sought after, peak performance state of consciousness known for its inherent ease, power, grace, and next level performance. Oren helps high performing leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives tap into the incredible power of flow and intuition to have a profound impact on the planet through the full expression of their souls gifts.

Despite his impressive accolades and abilities, Oren’s real super power is simply his love and presence which reminds people of who they really are and effortlessly draws the best out of them.