Our Purpose

Our purpose is to have you ignite and fulfill your passion and 

launch your BOLD initiative from vision to action.

We will have you sweating, laughing, crying and dancing 

your way to a thriving future for humanity.

We believe

  • We each have a unique purpose and unique gifts and are most alive when giving these gifts.
  • A new powerful imagining of the future is essential to bringing about a new future.
  • We can imagine futures beyond our lifetime, beyond our children’s lifetimes, and beyond, beyond, beyond.
  • When we stand generations out into the future, we are newly created, open, and free to dare BOLD.LY.

BOLD.LY NOW is a project of the Generative Futures Initiative

The Generative Futures Initiative is a collective of futurists, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, thought leaders and creatives, dedicated to the practice of envisioning, acting on, and bringing about a future for a thriving humanity.