Our Purpose & Promise

At Bold.ly NOW our purpose is to unleash people’s greatness to bring about a thriving future for humanity and thriving lives today.

Our promise to you who stand in a generative future, expressing your purpose and giving your gifts is that we will collectively generate a thriving future for humanity and thriving lives today. We will empower you with insight, inspiration, and effective practices and methodologies designed to unleash your greatness and launch you into thriving. 

We believe

  • We each have a unique purpose and unique gifts and are most alive when giving these gifts.
  • A new powerful imagining of the future is essential to bringing about a new future.
  • We can imagine futures beyond our lifetime, beyond our children’s lifetimes, and beyond, beyond, beyond.
  • When we stand generations out into the future, we are newly created, open, and free to dare BOLD.LY.

We Value

  • Thriving at all levels and all times.
  • Action designed to impact and deliver on “what’s important”.
  • People’s uniqueness - gifts, purpose, expression - being fulfilled in the world.
  • Unfettered and unconstrained freedom to dream big and act big for the benefit of all.
  • Standing in the generative future.
  • Systems change for a thriving future.
  • Gratitude for our ancestors and lineage holders.
  • Responsibility for the world that our descendants will inhabit.
  • Design quality and impeccability.
  • Playfulness and the enjoyment of living, even when transforming a seemingly broken world.
  • Love and human connection.

BOLD.LY NOW is a project of the Generative Futures Initiative

The Generative Futures Initiative is a collective of futurists, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, thought leaders and creatives, dedicated to the practice of envisioning, acting on, and bringing about a future for a thriving humanity.