Our purpose is to build a global movement of co-creative, up-levers dedicated to generating a Thriving Future for Humanity.  

We believe that the daily struggle of life is caused by persistent patterns that we have learned since birth and inherited from our families, our culture, and our ancestors.  

We believe that these patterns can not be controlled, switched off or wished away.  They are a part of who we are and often contain the seeds of wisdom.  In order to live joyous, fulfilled and meaningful lives we must work with these patterns to discover their wisdom.  We must also learn and practice new patterns that evolve who we are so that wisdom can take root and we can flourish. 

We believe that we, together, can overcome the greatest challenges of this era and bring in a new thriving for all of humanity in balance with our biosphere.  We have the knowledge. We have the resources, We have the skills.  We have the power.  Now we must become the people that have the will to take action in the storms of crisis that are crashing upon us. 

We will rise up from the many and become the one who brings an end to the conditions of struggle, leaving us all to flourish. 


BOLD.LY NOW is a project of the Generative Futures Initiative

The Generative Futures Initiative is a collective of futurists, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, thought leaders and creatives, dedicated to the practice of envisioning, acting on, and bringing about a future for a thriving humanity.