Illuminating this Human Life

A monthly program designed to support your spiritual growth through guided meditations inspirational talks and supportive community conversation.

I’m thrilled to unveil a new program that is going to shift every area of your life. Illuminating This Human Life is the ongoing evolution of the program we began on New Year’s Eve last year.


Let us take you on a journey, a journey towards your purpose, your potential and your imagination. Illuminating This Human Life is not just a program, it’s an experience, a magical experience that will leave you transformed forever.


Expand your radiant heart of love!

The Heart of Love – A Meditation by Michael Shaun Conaway

As I meditated on the end of 2022, it was clear that the year had been a wild ride with loads of intensity.  Many of my students have been overwhelmed by war, political divisiveness and the climate crisis.  And while our mission is to help you thrive, so together we can all thrive, it can be challenging to stay grounded day to day. So I am offering you a meditation on love.  Our way forward is from the heart – always.

This meditation was generated at Deception Island, Antartica


Illuminating this Human Life

In this this spiritual awakening program

Monthly Meditation Program

Community Meditation + Dharma Talk

Illuminating This Human Life is a program that will take you on an incredible journey towards discovering your true potential.   Every month we will gather together for training sessions, immersive meditations that will transport you to a different dimension, and collective intelligence that will elevate your thinking to new heights.   And you’ll do this in the heart of a community that is growing every day, thanks to the YOU app.

Daily Guided Meditation Practices

For beginners and advanced meditators alike

Daily meditation practices are the foundation work Illuminating This Human Life. Meditation in general is a proven access to better health and vitality, better focus, and feeling deep spiritual belonging.  After only a few weeks of practice, you will vibrate with an expansive, internal harmony of clear direction and confident action.  And you’ll feel refreshed, inspired and buzzing with a sense of endless possibilities. Your meditation practices are all on the YOU app. Your subscription to the app is included in this program.

Loving Compassionate Community

We grow to the light together

We are better together.  From the depths of your soul to the heights of the universe, we will explore the infinite wisdom that lies within you.  We will share our moments of struggle and our moments profound beauty and joy.  Your heart longs for a community that holds your values and your vision for the future.  Together it is time to awaken our inner light and let it shine brighter than ever before.

  • The meditations have freed me from anxiety

    For most of my life, my nightmare haunted sleep hasn’t been restful. Positive thinking, meditation and mindset didn’t help soothe my subconscious mind. After a week of doing the Flourishing Dreamer meditation, I’m sleeping restfully for the first time. My wakeful life is suddenly richer and deeper and time spent with my family is more sweet every day.

    Megan Riley
  • The Infinite Being meditation blew me away!

    It put me in a space of ancient Siena and Galway where my two sides of my ancestors are from. It made me very curious not just about my future but society and civility and manners. On a macro level it feels like cultural norms are deteriorating but I know when you look for a vein of good that there’s a world out there that isn’t bothered by the distractions of today but is generating new progress and inspiration so I focus on that. Thanks Michael Shaun!

    Giovanni Borghese
  • The Holonic Field meditation was exactly what I needed

    Thank you Michael Shaun for this. I have been on my own personal time travel journey in the past few days. The meditation actually helped me re-anchor myself to the present moment and find strength to keep going towards the future I am envisioning.

    Hadar Yonna
  • With the meditations I created a whole new future

    This new way of looking at life really resonates with me and builds me up. I have all this energy after doing the Boldly work. All day long that’s all I think about: I’m working towards my desirable future. It’s like nothing else being part of a group like this and a mentality like this.

    Hanna Cox
  • Something inside of me was unlocked

    Now I see something inside of me that I didn’t know was there. When I meditated on a vision of my future, all sorts of images of the future were popping in my mind. I was able to access what was inside of me that was just waiting to come out.

    Carolina Araujo
  • Through this work, my whole life has been activated

    I have that feeling once again that I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, that I must first make myself a priority before I serve the world and most importantly, that I DO have a greater purpose and I am in fact meant to serve. Thank you for the safe space to explore that.

    Stacey Lucas
  • The meditations feel so comforting and powerful

    They reminded me that I’m a blip in time & yet what I do in this life will have threads of impact infinitely… which helped me remember how insignificant some of the things are that I’ve let hold me back from acting/creating. I have descendants who need me! No time for these silly fears to get in the way of that.

    Alexandra Saper

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Illuminating this Human Life includes the Boldly YOU app subscription with meditations and courses:

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From the depths of your soul to the heights of the universe, this program will help you tap into that infinite power that lies within you.   It’s time to awaken your inner light and let it shine brighter than ever before.

You have a vision, a vision for a life filled with joy, abundance and fulfillment.  We believe that this vision is within your reach.  With Illuminating this Human Life, you’ll be guided by your deeply aligned purpose in every life and business decision you make.  You will vibrate with an expansive, internal harmony of clear direction and confident action.  And you’ll feel refreshed, inspired and buzzing with a sense of endless possibilities.

What you get with membership:

  • Monthly Live Meditation program with Michael Shaun Conaway
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  • Learn to meditate and get support as you develop you practice
  • Best-in-class spiritual learning environment with patented Sentiment Engine
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