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Infinite Being – Meditation Series by Michael Shaun Conaway

We grow up in a world that sees our lives as limited, finite and fragile. We wake up, we go through the patterns that we have built up over the years and we wonder, “IS THIS ALL THERE IS?” It’s no wonder that we suffer from depression, anxiety and general resignation. The thing is that all of this is based upon a mistaken view that we live lives stuck in time. In this series of mediations we will be TIME-TRAVELERS and explore thousands of years. I promise you that you will never be the same when you return from this journey.

Infinite Being – 3 Part Series


Infinite Being is a meditation series designed to imagine a desirable future and to put your brain, breath and heart to work to realize that future.  

Infinite Being Meditations:
1. The Human Story – Come Face to Face with the Reality of Our Existence (15:25)
2. The Holonic Field (Practice) – Travel Through Time Receiving Gifts to Change You Life  (18:32)
3. Dream Time (Sleep) – Open a Portal to Align Your Life with A Conscious Destiny (12:32)

The practice starts with a life altering meditation, connecting you to the long arch of human story.  This new paradigm focuses the use of the Holonic Field daily practice.  The night time practice opens up the dream field where subconscious/spiritual insights can come to the surface.  This is a critical part of the effectiveness of this meditation as it releases profoundly powerful currents in our lives.