The world needs YOUR gifts


Join this journey to unleash your natural desire to fulfill your purpose and change the world.

October 10 to December 17, 2020


10-Week journey to a thriving future for
you and for the world.

4hrs of core course work per week

+additional insight and support content


  • A surviving life
  • Playing small, limited
  • Unfulfilling or frustrating work
  • Indecisiveness, boredom
  • Lack of success
  • Meaninglessness
  • Exchanging time for money
  • Feeling like you don’t fit
  • Cynicism and Resignation


  • A thriving life
  • Playing a big game, full out
  • Meaningful and fulfilling work
  • A passionate life
  • Authentically your true self
  • Aligned with your purpose
  • Empowered and empowering
  • Connected
  • Joyful and Whole

Generate a thriving future for yourself and the world.

Generate a future at all three levels

Me – We – World

Learn together at triad, small group and full cohort levels.

Develop some of the deepest, most profound relationships of your life.

  • I have this feeling that something inside of me was unlocked

    Now I see something inside of me that I didn’t know was there. When I shared my vision of the future, all sorts of images of the future were popping in my mind. I was able to access what was inside of me that was just waiting to come out.

    Carolina Araujo
  • Heads and tails above any motivational, inspiring program! offers inspiring content, personable yet professional delivery, and interactive community opportunities from a variety of change makers.This is super creative, artistic, meaningful magic. I’m grateful and looking forward!

    Charlotte Fuller
  • Something in me has been activated

    I have that feeling once again that I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, that I must first make myself a priority before I serve the world and most importantly, that I DO have a greater purpose and I am in fact meant to serve. Thank you for the safe space to explore that.

    Stacey Lucas
  • I’m working towards a future

    This is language that really resonates with me and builds me up. I have all this energy after being on these calls in the morning. All day long that’s all I think about: I’m working towards a future. It’s like nothing else being part of a group like this and a mentality like this.

    Hanna Cox
Access resources, Upskill, and Develop practices
Expand Yourself Powerfully

Your Purpose

You will deepen your connection to your purpose, igniting your passion for playing your unique role in a thriving humanity. Through this work you will discover deep joy and fulfillment in life.

A Bold Future

You will unleash your imagination for new futures, ones that are meaningful to you and generate a thriving humanity. You will develop initiatives and practices that put you in action today, making bold futures happen.


You will invent a new relationship to time. You will leave with the time needed to focus on your bold initiatives AND deal with everything that there is for you to deal with in your life.
With World Class Support


You will have the opportunity to fill the gaps in your understanding and learn from our Bold Experts.


Turn knowledge and insight into practices and actions that produce results with small-group and peer coaching. (One-on-one coaching is also available)


We will get into action prototyping aspects of your big idea. Then we will iterate a path to perfection.

Program Tuition and Schedule

Program tuition: $1195

Program tuition + One-on-One coaching $1595

Tuition includes a three month membership to NOW

The Journey Starts with a Special Event on Saturday, October 10

And ends with a Ritual Closing on Saturday December 17

The Journey will include:

Weekly Explorations and Exercises
Weekly Activations
Thought Leader Conversations YOU! App
Group Coaching Calls
Celebration and Fun!



Jules Schroeder


Rachel Morrison




Alex Melnyk

Joyologist & Storyteller

Dr. John D. Martini

Author, Performance Coach

Seane Corn

Yoga Activist

Jolie Dawn

Author & Founder of Prosperity Queendom Inc

Amanda Ravenhil

Environmentalist & Generative Futurist

Tom Chi

Lab Director Planet Earth


Event Leader & Limitless Living Catalyst

Miki Agrawal

Social Entrepreneur & Author "DisruptHER"


Author & the Lady GaGa of Meditation

Samantha Sweetwater

Soulucent Coach, Ceremonial Guide

Jess Magic

Songstress and Storyteller

Lisa Thomas

Transformational leader, Inherited Patterns/Epigenetics

Join us in generating a thriving life & future