Hello Reader, A friend of ours recently told us we were lucky because we have something positive to focus on during the pandemic, generating a thriving future for humanity. True enough, working on big hard problems by envisioning a future and then boldly taking action puts everything in a different perspective. You have to deal...
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Hello Reader, For the great expanse of human history most of us have lived lives that stretch from day to day with little change.  When disruption came, it was likely existential – war, famine, drought, earthquakes etc., bringing an end to the day-to-day world and often to life itself.   Today we live in the age...
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Have a Great Life, Make a Great Difference

Here’s what’s kept us up late at night for the last decade (no lie!):– How do you change the world and have a great life at the same time?  I mean don’t you have a choice?  Do good and be poor, but happy you are making a difference.  OR, Plug into the machine and make...
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Do This 1 Thing to Change the Future

Have you ever noticed in movies about time travel, that a single small thing changed in the past has the ripple effect that radically changes everything? Like your parents don’t meet and then not only are you gone but somehow that causes WWIII. There are so many things that were we to go back and...
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Causing Collaboration at Scale with Suzanne Frindt

Burning Desire. Big Ideas. Bold Action Suzanna Frindt is no stranger to these concepts. Through her work as the former CEO of the Hunger Project and as a global leader in developing leadership with an expertise in community led development, she has been on the leading edge of cultivating a sense of self-resilience and dignity...
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Bold Solutions for a Net Positive Humanity with Tom Chi

Tom Chi has dedicated his life’s work to making humanity net positive…this is no small undertaking. His approach is calm, grounded and factual. He’s an engineer, a developer and an inventor, the chair of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, managing partner at At One Ventures and was one of the founding members of the Google X...
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Planetary Reorientation and Doing What you Love With Prince Ea

“As a species we didn’t survive because of competition, it was collaboration, it was us coming together in harmony as one that allowed us to be this species that we are today.” If there is one person on this planet who lives and breaths the importance of love and unity as the driving force for...
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A Global Truth & Reconciliation Process with Amanda Joy Ravenhill

According to Amanda Joy Ravenhill’s reading, almost all past collapsed civilizations had two things in common: Natural resources weren’t respected. Radical wealth inequality happened right before collapse. As Amanda sees it, the signs are here and humanity needs to take a 180 degree turn, NOW.  “We’re so on the edge, I don’t think incremental change...
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How to be a Good Ancestor to Future Generations With Atossa Soltani

We are currently functioning within an economic system that encourages exponential growth. The consequence of this type of growth has devastating ecological implications. Profit before compassion. We destroy the rainforest in the name of cheaper coffee beans. This week’s Bold.Ly Now guest, founder and executive director of Amazon Watch Atossa Soltani, describes this relationship with...
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A Revolution of Mindset with Dr. Zach Bush

We live in unprecedented times, calling for an unprecedented upheaval of “the way things are”.  “I think this generation is ready for a real revolution, and it doesn’t have to be a violent one. I think it’s a revolution of philosophy. And I think a revolution of philosophy would change far more than any other...
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