BN 14: Post-Covid Respect & Reverence for Essential Workers with Lynne Twist

BN 13: Bold Solutions for a Net Positive Humanity with Tom Chi

Tom Chi has dedicated his life’s work to making humanity net positive…this is no small undertaking. His approach is calm, grounded and factual. He’s an engineer, a developer and an inventor who is the chair of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, managing partner at At One Ventures and was one of the founding members of the […]

BN 10: Rewriting the Narratives of Our Time with Samantha Sweetwater

“What’s an unmet niche in my neighbourhood? Or what’s an unmet niche in my country that’s actually about a movement that isn’t here or that needs my voice?” On this week’s episode of the Boldly Now Show we speak with Soulucent coach, ceremonial guide, author and founder of Dancing Freedom and Peacebody Japan, Amanda Sweetwater […]

BN 9: How to Claim Self Sovereignty Post-Covid with Charles Eisenstein

On this week’s episode of Bold.ly Now, we speak to author and philosopher Charles Eisenstein whose essay, “The Coronation”, has become a viral piece of literary magic during covid. He discusses deprogramming the conditioned understanding of ‘normal’ in our current world, the notable totalitarian control being exercised globally and the opportunities being presented. From making […]