BN 25: The Future of Healthcare with Dr: David Tusek

BN 25: The Future of Healthcare with Dr: David Tusek

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Tune in to the Boldy Now Show featuring Dr. David Tusek, Direct Care and Health Exchange Pioneer, to forever change the way we think about personal and community health. Dr. Tusek is the founder of Cloud Medical, and a founding partner of Ravel Health, an alternative marketplace based upon healthcare vs. sick-care. Looking at health from a broader perspective, Dr. Tusek asks for a deeper understanding of the body, reconnection with ourselves, people around us, and nature, so that we can transform our healthcare system to help us to thrive rather than merely survive. 

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Modern healthcare and medicine is a framework modeled to understand how things go wrong in our bodies. However, it doesn’t address the deeper, more central questions of our lives: How to live life to the fullest, live in coherence with what we are here to do, and what it means to live your best life? Finding answers to these questions is essential to understanding the full capacity of our health. 

The map that can help us unlock this full capacity is “reconnecting to the four disconnections.” During the podcast, Dr. David Tusek explains what these four disconnections (or quadrants of reality) are. He further elucidates how reconnection can lead to a greater awareness of the fundamental parts of our body – not just the structural elements that comprise our organism. 

The first step to health and fitness is consciousness. Consciousness not just to our body but also to the people around us, our community, and planet earth. Sure, exercising and staying fit is a way to health, but it’s a reductionist solution, to measure health by a measure of consumptive units. To thrive we need a profound connection with ourselves to experience fully being human. For this we may need coaches that have a rather holistic sense of the body and human consciousness. 

In Dr. David Tusek’s words, we need the “Bruce Lee” move to transform our healthcare system. Take all of the best parts of today’s system, add stuff that we are missing and remove anything that isn’t working. We also need mentors who can help us re-establish connection with our body and our loved ones for meaningful relationships. We are what we eat. Therefore, we don’t just need doctors who prescribe medicine. We should also incorporate our food producers into the healthcare system. Provide them incentives to have a hyper-local food ecosystem.

The pandemic has blown the cover off of our wounds. In the words of Dr. David Tusek, the pandemic showed us that “”We are sicker than we even realize.” That we are in the midst of multiple simultaneous pandemics. It has given us a chance to change course and heal the deep core traumas that needed healing for a long time. Our fundamental societal framework needs new framing. Only a healthcare system that takes a holistic approach – one that looks at the wellness of people, soil, and our relationships as well – can contribute and heal the body of our life.

Key Moments Podcast:

  • [02:05] – Dr. David Tusek explains what is health and fitness 
  • [08:03] – Is there a map to health?
  • [08:54] – The four disconnections and the need for a deeper understanding of the body
  • [15:27] – The pathways to aspects of health that can help us reconnect with ourselves
  • [25:21] – The Bruce Lee move to upgrade our healthcare system
  • [36:33] – The lessons of 2020 and our way forward


“Our body is the vehicle of the self-expression of our life.”

“I believe that the deepest form of health that we can experience is by reconnecting to the four disconnections.”

“It’s never been about you. It’s always about what is your gift to offer to the others.”

“We can actually be golden mirrors for one another.”

“Who are the real healers in our community? Not doctors or the people who prescribe medicine…. These have to be people who grow our food.”

“We have to be more conscious about how the way we use money relates to our health.”

“Our CSAs, organic farms, farm to table restaurants are fundamentally related to whether we have a healthy community or not”

“We are trying to reconnect this idea of regenerative agriculture to regenerative health and regenerative economics.”

“2020 was the unveiling of all the ways in which we – not only as an individual but also as a society – were unhealthy, were vulnerable & fragile and deep core traumas & wounds that need to be healed”.

“We are sicker than we even realize.”

“The pandemic exposed that we are in the midst of multiple simultaneous pandemics.”

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