BN 6: Planetary Intelligence with Rachel Morrison & Michael-Shaun Conaway

There’s a unique opportunity to live into the prophecies that actually create a generative future as opposed to a predictive future that many of us assume is going to happen.

Now is the time where we get to actually transcend our current view of the world and realize that we are not separate from the world. We are in reciprocity with the world and from that place of reciprocity we can open up into a universal intelligence that allows us to build bridges as opposed to creating walls.

Michael Shaun is the founder of the Generative Futures Initiative. His personal mission is to empower and accelerate redesign of our failing systems to create an anti-fragile, anti-rival world, one that works for all. Michael Shaun’s work has been focused on the culture shifts we need to generate a benevolent sustainable future. 

Rachel Morrison specializes in Internal and Global Strategies with an emphasis in spirituality, wellness and sustainability education.

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