BN 20: How to Live a Life of Authentic Service with Yogi Activist Seane Corn

In this refreshing deep dive with internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and public speaker Seane Corn, she explores how seemingly small action can shape our current culture and how dismantling systems of oppression can start on a personal level.

Mindful Inquiry: Question Your Agenda & Shape Your Impact in the World. How can we take bold action (it doesn’t have to be huge to be bold) and what tools can we use to identify that action? What can being of service look like and why are you driven to that service?

Seane dives into:

3:00 – How dismantling systems of oppression starts w/ you

3:29 – Bold Action: investing your skills or resources

12:56 Seeing mistakes/reorienting towards vision

27:35 Being of service: why do you want to and who are you serving?

33:33 The hierarchy of service

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