BN 24: Creating Planetary Embassies with Lucian Tarnowski

BN 24: Creating Planetary Embassies with Lucian Tarnowski

This curious conversation with Lucian Tarnowski sounds like the realms of futuristic fantasy gaming. In reality, the conversation twists and turns into a practical explanation of the generative futurist practices, UP Games, in Ibiza. Lucian describes the specific action-based solutions being exercised in Ibiza to create regenerative, sustainable changes to food-growing, health and well-being and […]

BN 22: Living the Life of Greatest Value with John Demartini

John Demartini  is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development.In this episode you will receive a personal and intimate, inquiry around defining what your values are, and how those values show up in your behaviour and in your financial destiny.  (4:14) Comparing yourself relative to others vs. comparing your […]

BN 21: Female Entrepreneurs: Burn Out, Being a Force of Love & Not Doing It Alone with Meghan French Dunbar

This thoughtful conversation with Meghan French Dunbar explores the many barriers womxn face when confronted with starting and maintaining a business. From burnout to sharing resources amongst other womxn, Meghan has dedicated her life to reorienting the understanding of achievement to one that expresses love & purpose. 4.08- How can we make workplaces a place […]

BN 17: Causing Collaboration at Scale with Suzanne Frindt

Burning Desire. Big Ideas. Bold Action Suzanna Frindt is no stranger to these concepts. Through her work as the former CEO of the Hunger Project and as a global leader in developing leadership with an expertise in community led development, she has been on the leading edge of cultivating a sense of self-resilience and dignity […]