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The Foundational Elements of Thriving

Contrary to conventional thought, thriving isn’t about your circumstances.  We say thriving is about how you respond to your circumstances.  In A Thriving Life you will explore the 12 foundational elements of life and generate a pathway for yourself to thrive in any circumstance.

Purpose & Passion

The fundamental energy of thriving is our passion, our purpose, what we desire to express into the world.  Clarify and ignite your passion and purpose so that you can generate thriving in all that you do.

Fitness & Health

Your body is your vehicle for life. Regardless of our different shapes and sizes, discover the fundamentals of experiencing thriving in and through the body.

Love & Sex

Most of us are crazy about love and especially sex. Regardless of your relationship status, explore what you need sexually and romantically to thrive in life.  If you have a partner be sure to do this one together.

Life’s Work & Career

When you work on something that is deeply meaningful to you, your passion is engaged and thriving comes naturally natural. Look into how you can ignite this passion, no matter what your current job is.

Financial Health

Money, wealth, poverty, abundance, success – so much of our life is financial. What does financial thriving look like? Is it accumulation or sufficiency? It’s time to look at your financial health and see what you need to thrive.


Our lives happen in our relationships, with parents, siblings, friends, partners, colleagues and casual connections. What would it be like to have relationships simply work?  And be an expression of love and fulfillment? 

Joy & Well-being

These two states are entwined such that we increase our well-being by experiencing more joy and experience more joy by increasing our well-being. It’s time to see where you can best level up this essential quality of being.

Community Life

We live in a rich network of social connections.  Our community shapes the quality of our lives.  And the things we wish to accomplish in the world are done with our community.  How do we live to generate thriving for all?


Light, Universe, Spirit, God, Unity – We all have a sense of something that connects us to others, to all of creation, to ourselves. Explore how to connect to your fundamental divinity and oneness.


Does your life have a quality of excitement, novelty, wonder and curiosity? Adventure keeps us growing with our engagement in the world. It’s time to take stock of how you are keeping life spicy.


We are the product of our the environments, at home, in our workplace, in our town and in the world. Investigate how you can shape and impact your environments to promote thriving.

Personal Growth

If we are not growing, we are decaying.  If the possibilities of what we are growing towards are endless, then what do we focus on in life? This last foundational element has you look at the other elements for areas of growth where you begin to lay the foundation for a lifetime of expansion!

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  • I have this feeling that something inside of me was unlocked

    Now I see something inside of me that I didn’t know was there. When I shared my vision of the future, all sorts of images of the future were popping in my mind. I was able to access what was inside of me that was just waiting to come out.

    Carolina Araujo
  • Heads and tails above any motivational, inspiring program! offers inspiring content, personable yet professional delivery, and interactive community opportunities from a variety of change makers.This is super creative, artistic, meaningful magic. I’m grateful and looking forward!

    Charlotte Fuller
  • Something in me has been activated

    I have that feeling once again that I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, that I must first make myself a priority before I serve the world and most importantly, that I DO have a greater purpose and I am in fact meant to serve. Thank you for the safe space to explore that.

    Stacey Lucas
  • I’m working towards a future

    This is language that really resonates with me and builds me up. I have all this energy after being on these calls in the morning. All day long that’s all I think about: I’m working towards a future. It’s like nothing else being part of a group like this and a mentality like this.

    Hanna Cox

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